2019jan7 Blog Post

Some questions:

  1. How do I use what I’ve got? Including completed university studies / qualifications and other students who graduated with me, friends, etc
  2. How do I get someone to do something I might want done such as volunteer work for me? With paid work they are more likely to do it, due to the incentive of money.
  3. How to avoid conflicts and stay happy, to control what I do when/if I want to, and when I am performing music or doing something where I’m okay to be automatic about it then that is then okay in that situation.
  4. How to optimize things in life for the best outcome for me, what actions can I take and strategies to use?
  5. How to make money for myself, doing things I want to do and that I can keep a copy for myself to re-use it in future again. For example when I create digital art, music, open source software, photos etc then I could sell it to multiple people for money, but how to get them interested in purchasing it since I used to have an online shop webpage of various things I had made, but no-one bought anything from it?
  6. How to get customers for fantasticpcsupport.com.au to use my free computer support? What am I missing, do I need another volunteer as well as me if so how do I get one, or what is the next step for it to succeed and get customers?