5. Blog Post 2017sep2

Information Technology and computer programming works well for me because I can control it, and get it to do exactly what I planned.

Things involving people don’t work very well for me because, I am unable to control them (because people don’t do what I would want them to do) and so the outcome is not determined by me and therefore I cannot make a certain successful & planned outcome to occur.

Not to say that there can not be contributions such as ideas and creations from other people. However my point is that in order for it to work for me with things involving people, then any decisions I make would need to be followed by other people.

4. Blog Post 2017aug12

I Do, I Will, I Have – Poem by Ogden Nash

One side is if you don’t sleep together you won’t know if you are sexually compatible, another side is if you find the one you love then that love will fade but if you marry an arranged marriage (arranged by parents) you will grow to love each other and it will last longer.

Personally I think there are many possibilities but the reality is not defined until it happens but I sometimes think we already have our lives planned out in advance we are just living the train following the tracks already laid down in life. But maybe the tracks are continually being modified whenever people do something that affects another person?

Well I really don’t know.. because my choices that I think I made, were already known from when I was born.. life is just a video playing that is already defined???

Another thing, if you try to do well and avoid problems then it’s not your fault and things will be better.. so you cannot say you cannot be harmed and not care.. since then it’s your fault and you won’t be okay.

It’s ok you are working so you get certain benefits and are ok still i’m not working and some things lost but I am okay.
Yes well I believe in the benefits of working. Hidden benefits.
Well like love is lost to me. It’s gone. Last time was 1998. Maybe lost because I wasn’t working.
Or maybe gone because I loved someone I could not have.

People can change you know, if you change what you do then things can change.

My theory is that someone you love is someone you can help.

3. Blog Post 2017aug4

I have contacted two people on bandmix now to see if they are interested in making some improvisation music together however I haven’t received any replies so it is possible that might not be going to work, or maybe if I wait long enough something might happen, perhaps somewhere else (another site).

I received an offer of programming volunteer work with a minimum commitment of 5 hours per week for 12 weeks. However since I don’t plan to commit to any particular time just do whatever I decide each week, so I am not proceeding with this. Hopefully I can find some programming volunteer work without any required commitment.

What various things are there that I can do for people to benefit them. For example: talking with them on the phone or in-person (hearing how I can help, and providing knowledge and thoughts), volunteer work, financial donations (including buying dinner), giving a birthday gift or a christmas card. What other “good” such methods are there?

I tried getting customers to fantasticpcsupport.com for my free computer support but it is not working. I don’t know if anything is going to change. Maybe I need to hire a communication expert rather than a sales person. I could look on fiverr for one.

2. Blog Post 2017june24

Now I am thinking paid work usually does not work or last long. I have success with volunteer (unpaid) work. So now I have sent my resume to all potential paid employers and job agencies with writing in the introduction of the resume to say I am seeking volunteer work. Hopefully this may result in all paid jobs becoming available as a volunteer, and if they do, hopefully they will have flexibility with regard to number of hours worked and when and from home etc. Usuallly if an employer wants to employ me they will do what they need to do to get me. For example one employer in the past wanted me to sign a contract, I refused, and they still went ahead with me anyway. So there is room for modifications, when an employer wants me, they will consider all sorts of things.

I am wondering whether the gap I now have between the two teeth of my middle lower jaw and the two teeth of my middle upper jaw, was caused by the bus/car accident when I was on a bus from the city to belconnen, or whether it was caused by my having gone to the project management meetup and maybe the people there were too senior level for me and so that could have resulted, since someone had walked with me for a while after the meetup outside and who knows what that could have done. Or something else?

I have joined a website to get musicians to play with. I don’t know whether this might have resulted in more musicians on jamtaba (live online jamming) or whether it could result in in-person jam sessions in canberra as well. It will be interesting to see what happens.

I wonder whether there will be some computer programming or IT research work opportunities coming my way soon, or even tutoring for a university?

I think I probably need to do more of telling people what to do or what I would like them to do. Including by email. This results in people getting ideas for things to do from me, whereas if I just passively do what’s asked then not as much benefit is gained from me. Including job agencies. For example I emailed one job agency to say look through my resume in detail, in response to their email saying for me to apply for the selection criteria. Why should I do the selection criteria and waste my time. But they should look through my resume in detail and they will get all the answers they need.

1. Blog Post 2017june19

Sometimes in my volunteer or paid jobs they want me to do tasks I am not really wanting to do. I think this is not a good idea because I have sufficient high level skills that I should be able to choose what I do these days.

For example I don’t like to:

  • Carry or move things with any weight such as computers, tables, etc
  • Try and get something down that is too high to reach that could have OH&S issues with trying to get it down
  • One employer wants me to do an asset register and it just seems too difficult to me to have to go through all of the items and try to get serial numbers etc, and it’s a waste of my time because I’m not going to learn anything from a menial task like that and it won’t really benefit the employer for me to do it since it won’t make use of my better skills such as computer programming, or creative arts, etc
  • Cleaning up after a kids art activity. For a start, the activity should be done on a table not on the floor. Secondly the kids should clean up not the staff. Thirdly they should still pick me to help with art activities even if I get the kids to clean up after, after all, they made the mess, they should clean it up.
  • Employers for volunteer and paid work should pick tasks for me that I’m wanting to do, in order to encourage me to want to come back and do more work for them.
  • They could say, we all get some tasks we don’t want to do. Maybe I need to do some of these tasks I don’t really want to do, since, if I do them, others might as well do them too, by copying me, so if I don’t do tasks I don’t want to do then no-one will do them and then they have a problem? But then on the other hand, I think this is rubbish because I should be doing tasks I am okay with doing and if the employer sets tasks I am not okay with doing then I shouldn’t have to do them. In fact the volunteer charter says volunteers should only be doing tasks they are okay with doing. But this should really apply to paid work as well. There is no point in getting me to do tasks that are not using my computer programming or IT support or other skills such as music, art, teaching/tutoring, etc since I have higher level skills and there is no point in getting me to do lower level tasks that someone else should be doing who can’t do the higher level skills so they have to do that, and not me.

The next issue is that of paid work. I generally have trouble getting anything involving being paid – in business, or in a job. So ALL jobs and tasks that exist need to be available as a volunteer. Also there need to be staff of all skill types available for free or cheaply, that I can work with on business ideas, without myself making any money from it – maybe a not for profit business, but also that I don’t get paid from it. In fact we probably need a new kind of business, a “non-financial” business, where no-one is paid in the business who works for it, and the business does not charge anyone any money for its outputs. People working for the business put in money to purchase anything that the business needs such as web hosting, etc.